The Walls of the WTO | 10 minutes | 2018 | Ryan S Jeffery &    Quinn Slobodian    A ten minute short video that explores the origins of the idea of a global economy through the artwork on the walls of a unique building, the Centre William Rappard in Geneva, once the home of the International Labour Organization and now the headquarters of the World Trade Organization. Tracing the appearance, erasure and reappearance of the toiling human body on the artwork of the building’s walls, they tell the story of a global capitalist project as a transnational system of governance where the flow of capital across borders is protected as a human right, while the movement of people is met with proliferating forms of restriction and regulation.
  The Triumphs & the Frauds | 7 minutes | 2017 | Ryan S Jeffery &    Travis Diehl    Consisting only of footage from the C-SPAN “News Media Stakeout” in the Trump Tower lobby on December 14th 2016,  The Triumphs & The Frauds  depicts the inner monologue of a camera operator frustrated by the search for a subject in the 45th American President’s disorienting transition to power. The film’s title derives from a passage in Orson Welles’s last feature,  F for Fake , quoted in this film, where Welles muses on authorship, ego and the fleeting fate of the individual name.  The Triumphs & the Frauds  enters the drudgery that makes possible the 24-hour political spectacle: the labor of infotainment, where boredom deepens into delirium.
All That is Solid Melts into Data / 6 min clip
Guest House Helios  | 60 minutes | 2013 |
5 Methods of Measurement