All That is Solid Melts into Data / 6 min clip
  The Triumphs and the Frauds | 7 minutes | 2017 | Ryan S Jeffery &  Travis Diehl    Consisting only of footage from the C-SPAN “News Media Stakeout” in the Trump Tower lobby on December 14th 2016,  The Triumphs & The Frauds  depicts the inner monologue of a camera operator frustrated by the search for a subject in the 45th American President’s disorienting transition to power. The film’s title derives from a passage in Orson Welles’s last feature, F for Fake, quoted in this film, where Welles muses on authorship, ego and the fleeting fate of the individual name.  The Triumphs & the Frauds  enters the drudgery that makes possible the 24-hour political spectacle: the labor of infotainment, where boredom deepens into delirium.
Guest House Helios  | 60 minutes | 2013 |
5 Methods of Measurement